Infrasauna is suitable for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, the better it is dangerously thin and sweat in the sauna and then jump into cold water or snow drifts can only health sauna lovers. Humidity and heat is no evidence kardiakům, allergies and asthma. In doing so, but even they do not give sauna. Infra sauna vs. traditional sauna with a Classic preheated about 40 minutes and thenrecommend three cycles sauna - three times in about 12-minutestay in the sauna and 20 minutes of rest . In addition we have therefore a rest room.
Conventional saunas require a specially adapted room (tiling, ventilation, power supply 400 V, rest). Spend less time infra can be easily placed in a regular build or bathroom or anywhere in the interior. Necessary but power supply 230V Infra-saving time heats up the sauna for 10 minutes and should then take place in the 25-35minutovém cycle without interruption. Also significant is the fact that the operation of infrared is 10 times less than traditional saunas operate at approximately the same cost. But what if we have a home available to both types of sauna?

You will find a new infrasauna Grand De Luxe model A3C, which complement the existing models and B3c CK3C. Infra-A3C is no outdoor lighting. The material used is hemlock type heaters - ceramic. Infra H3C has over infra A3C carbon emitters. Infra-D3C has a carbon emitter, and it‘s made ??of cedar wood. Grand De Luxe Infra-have equipment in the air ionizer.

     Anyone who has ever visited a sauna, knows that after the completion of one feels like reborn. It has beneficial effects on health and especially preventive works. Regular sauna strengthens the immune system is our body and prevents colds and virus.

     When we visit her frequently, gradually otužíme and our condition will improve. The sauna can walk every healthy person. If we suffer a chronic illness, counsel first with their doctor.

     If we want to really enjoy the sauna, we should follow certain principles. Our body should be fine before sauna procedures. Count should be the fact that the procedure takes about 90 minutes. Not gone into it or go hungry, even with full stomachs. First, take a shower and carefully so dry, we do not increase the humidity in the sauna.

Luxury infrared sauna in the apartment Grand De Luxe in size 90x105x190 D2 is made ??of cedar wood and has 6 carbon emitters. While in the sauna will be enhanced by radio with CD player and air ionizers. Infrared sauna has indoor and outdoor lighting.

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Infrared sauna for 2 people
Infrared sauna for 3 people
Infrared sauna for 4 people and more
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Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D2 Hemlock

Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D2 Hemlock

Hemlock, Power: 1820W, 9 pieces of carbon heaters, Dimensions: 120x105x190, ionizer, CD

Price: 2 060.00 $
Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D3

Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D3

Cedr Power: 2045W, 10 pieces of carbon heaters, Dimensions: 153x110x190, ionizer, CD

Price: 2 645.00 $