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About saunas

     One of the oldest and most popular forms of regeneration after the world of the sauna. Sauna procedures to prevent unnecessary health problems. The word "sauna" would best be translated as "alternating bath"where the body is heated in a hot, dry heat sauna cabin and cool fresh outside air and cold water. Refreshing cool part is assuming a gradual hardening of the body just as important as fulfilling and relaxing heat. It generally has a sauna beneficial effects on body organs, circulatory system and loss of body water. Increases to flush out waste materials as well as readiness to defend the body against infections.

Infrared Saunas

    Infrared sauna is a wooden cabin in which they are placed in special lamps. Space is usually less than a Finnish sauna, has low power consumption and fast vyhřátím, and for 5-10 minutes. . When you run the cab and the water temperature and length prohřívací temperatures have just time for a warm shower, which increases the effect of sweating, which is compared with a conventional sauna two to three times more intense. The temperature here ranges from 40-60 degrees Celsius. Sweating is increased because the infrared radiation penetrates deep into tissues. Therefore there is no need to repeat the cycle of warming and cooling as in the Finnish sauna.
      Is important for sauna and drinks, plenty of fluids is significantly affecting the intensity of transpiration. Length of stay in the sauna is individual and varies in the range of 25-40 minutes at 60 ° C. During this time your body burns approximately 700 calories with absolutely no load. Start with shorter intervals, which can be increased. After the set time, the heating system automatically disconnects.
       Infra is economical because it requires less energy than a conventional sauna Finnish sauna. The advantage is a lower temperature (60 ° C) infracabin thereby making this therapy for people who can not for health reasons, use of a traditional sauna (after consultation with a physician asthma, allergy, cardiac patients ...).
      In this form of "sauna" is not only warms the body cast down, but the heat penetrates deep into tissues and leads to more rapid warming of the required parts of the body than in classic sauna. The organism is heat transfer of thermal energy in the invisible infrared spectrum and not heated by hot air (about 115 ° C) as in traditional saunas.

Demonstrable effects of infrared saunas

     Heat penetrates into muscle tissue, removes them from stress and increases the flexibility of muscles, which contributes to the overall relaxation. Elastic muscles in addition to better withstand everyday stress. Ideally, this release prior to massage. Heat has a positive effect in treating arthrosis, sprains, nerve pain, muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Accompanying signs of aging are so slowed down or suppressed.
       Alleviating the pain of peripheral vascular expansion due to heat, improves blood circulation in muscles, metabolic waste products are removed quickly and the muscles are better supplied with oxygen. This contributes to faster recovery and tissue injuries. The deep heating of the body begins to excrete sweat to cool. This will increase the heart and accelerate blood circulation, which helps to strengthen and stabilize the blood circulation. Intense transpiration cleanses pores deep. Pollutants and toxins are removed and his place was filled with nutrients. It is a treatment that delays the aging of the skin.
      Cellulite is nothing but fat and water deposits under the skin. Heat treatment promotes progress cleansing processes in the body, intense sweating and then flush out pollutants. Unpleasant deposits in the form of cellulite can be gradually dismantled. The heat penetrates the outermost layer of the skin and making him the blood vessels stored in adipose tissue, taken heat spread and cater to a better blood supply to fat tissue and burn calories. Fatty acid accumulating in the fat cells are excluded from the lymphatic system of the body.
       Sweating helps to eliminate toxins and mineral waste products of metabolism from the body. These include the number of heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and more.


     Hemlock (hemlock)
  exclusive sauna wood with very fine structure,
     very stable, at least works and does not warp.

    wood extremely resistant to moisture, suitable
    for paneling,
    its typical smell keeps the interior a pleasant
    aroma after a few years.

Used sources:

      Ceramic heaters
      energy-efficient, high-strength, secure and long lasting.
      Ceramic tubes emit infrared radiation 40μm,
      the human body easily absorbs.

      Carbon surface emitters
      Ultra conductive carbon fiber provides greater efficiency and longer life.
      Spotlights radiate into space 360, which makes it more convenient sauna.
      Carbon heaters have low surface temperature.
      The radiators do not use any wires in the heater.
      They have a low surface temperature, you can touch the panel surface.
      They are flat, saunující person is completely surrounded.
      Carbon heating technology provides the greatest amount of infrared radiation.
      Broader heat distribution leads to an increased amount of sweat for
      maximum results.

Oxygen Ionizer

Most of our infrasun are equipped with oxygen ionizer, which is used for cleaning and improving the quality of air in saunas. This unit will enhance the air large amounts of negatively charged ions (anions). Such air enriched air reminds anions in high mountains or the sea or fresh and clean air after a thunderstorm. This gets rid of contaminated air ionizer tobacco smoke, dust, pollen of flowers and other impurities. It‘s ideal for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and hay fever problems.

Infrared saunas Grand De Luxe
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Infrared sauna for 2 people
Infrared sauna for 3 people
Infrared sauna for 4 people and more
Corner Infrared Sauna
steam saunas

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