Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2

Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2
Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2Fotogalerie: Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2
Guarantee 2 years
Manufacturer Grand De Luxe
Category Infrared sauna for 2 people
Product Code Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2
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Product Description

Luxury infrared sauna for 2 person Grande De Luxe B2

Technical specifications:

Standard version: Hemlock (hemlock)
Power consumption: 1600W
Dimensions: 120 x 105 x 190v
Oxygen Ionizer: Yes
CD Player: YES
Dual control panel: Yes
Infrared heaters: ceramic (5 pieces)
It operates at a temperature: 18-60 ° C
Number of persons: 2
Outdoor Lighting: yes

The thickness of the walls saunas Grand De Luxe is 4.9 cm (0.55 cm 2 bar and the frame of 3.8 cm).
The thickness of the glass models without a wooden door frame is 6 mm (for model with a wooden door frame is 4mm).
Carbon heaters Lifetime 10000 hours (the life of ceramic heaters is 5000 hours).
Wavelength carbon and ceramic heaters is 6.5 to 15 micrometre.
Manufacture of saunas has been a tradition 17 years. Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe meet EU standards.

Air Ionizer:

The advantage of infrared saunas Grande De Luxe against competing products is that they are equipped with oxygen ionizer, which is used to improve the quality of air in saunas. This unit will enhance the air large amounts of negatively charged ions (anions). Ions in the air have a positive impact on our health.
     Scientific studies have shown that the negative particles - ions in the air have a positive impact on our health. Professionally, these particles called ions, and promote overall metabolism, a positive effect on removal of tension and stress and bring the physical and mental vigor. No coincidence that the most negative ions occurs near the sea, waterfalls, mountains, pine forests or in the air after a thunderstorm. The ideal concentration for the man responsible forest environment and is 2000 ions per cm3. In closed rooms, the situation is very far from that ideal. In homes and offices is contrary to many sources of positive ionization. Air pollution effects of organic or inorganic influence leads to the fact that air contains a large excess of positive ions at the expense of small negative ions. If there are in enriching the air with negative ions to clean the air at the same time, large positive ions are small negative ions absorb, neutralize and then heavy particles such as dust fall and settle on the surrounding area.
       This will bring maximum comfort and feel of pure air.

Material used:

    exclusive sauna wood structure with a very fine, very stable,
    at least works and does not warp.

Used sources:

    Ceramic heaters
    energy-efficient, high-strength, secure and long lasting.
    Ceramic tubes emit infrared radiation 40μm, the human body
    easily absorbed.

Radio / CD Player:

    AM / FM receiver with an antenna built into the upper part of the sauna
     CD Player
     Color LCD

The principle of infrared saunas:

The infrared part of solar radiation warms the body, without the warmed ambient air. On this principle works well as infrared heat cabin. Warm up in this infracabin is actually the same as when the spring sun shines on, we will leave to play their touch and it seems to us that is much warmer than the air temperature would correspond. But when the sun hides behind clouds, it seems to us that he had suddenly cooled rapidly.

The air temperature is in fact still the same, only we stopped sunlight, thus warming the infrared energy. The infrared sauna, you can own a nice source of natural heat to bring to your home.

Our nervous and endocrine system (hormones creating) just for its energy needs a functioning light, or suffer a loss of energy and sometimes even weight, irritability, zimomřivostí and greater need for sleep. The heat and the subsequent increase in body temperature in this case acts as a drug - simulates a fever, it activates and strengthens the immune system, increase the number of white blood cells and immune system and we now feel a better understanding.

"Sauna" in the infrared cabin is based on the principle of emission of infrared radiation, special ceramic emitters, which he patented dr. Tadaschi Ishikawa in Japan in 1965. This infrared radiation warms the body deep into the muscle tissue and intense sweating and occurs at a temperature around 50 ° C in an environment that does not burden. Throughout their stay in the chamber breathing air at 20 to 55 ° C, because 80-90% of emitted heat absorbed by your body and just rest are dispersed into the cabin. It is a fundamental difference between conventional saunas and infrared saunas.

To warm up:

Time to preheat to operating temperature depends on the size of the cabin, and ranges from 5-10 minutes. When you run the cab and the water temperature and length prohřívací temperatures have just time for a warm shower, which increases the effect of sweating, which is compared with a conventional sauna two to three times more intense. Is important for sauna and drinks, plenty of fluids is significantly affecting the intensity of transpiration. Length of stay in the sauna is individual and varies in the range of 25-40 minutes at 65 ° C. During this time your body burns approximately 700 calories with absolutely no load. Start with shorter intervals, which can be increased. After the set time, the heating system automatically disconnects.


The system also allows for infrared heating of the body in the right clothing, such as the increased physical exertion, before demanding sports performance or just before going into cold weather.

Proven infrared effects:

Warming Deep heat absorbed by our body, increases blood circulation, the skin is better blood circulation, increases with heart rate and metabolism as well as passive exercise, which is recommended as a warm-up for certain sports to prevent sports injuries.

. Release depth penetrates into muscle tissue, removes them from stress and increases the flexibility of muscles, which contributes to the overall relaxation. Elastic muscles in addition to better withstand everyday stress. Ideally, this release prior to massage.

. Relief for joints Deep heat has a positive effect in treating arthrosis, sprains, nerve pain, muscle spasms and joint stiffness. Accompanying signs of aging are so slowed down or suppressed.

. Alleviating pain extending peripheral vascular effects of heat, improves blood circulation in muscles, metabolic waste products are removed rycheji and muscles are better supplied with oxygen. This contributes to faster recovery and tissue injuries.

. Strengthening blood circulation during the deep heating of the body begins to excrete sweat to cool. This will increase the heart and accelerate blood circulation, which helps to strengthen and stabilize the blood circulation.

. Cleaning the transpiration Intensive skin unblocks pores deep. Pollutants and toxins are removed and his place was filled with nutrients. It is a treatment that delays the aging of the skin.

. Removal of Cellulite Cellulite is nothing but fat and water deposits under the skin. Heat treatment promotes progress cleansing processes in the body, intense sweating and then flush out pollutants. Unpleasant deposits in the form of cellulite can be gradually dismantled.

. Weight reduction depth penetrates the outermost layer of the skin and making him the blood vessels stored in adipose tissue, taken heat spread and cater to a better blood supply to fat tissue and burn calories. Fatty acid accumulating in the fat cells are excluded from the lymphatic system of the body.
n Reduction of toxic substances. Sweating helps to eliminate toxins and mineral waste products of metabolism from the body. These include the number of heavy metals, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol and more.

Installation of infrared:

If you decide to infra, to learn that these infrared prohřívací cabins available as standardized building blocks, which are mounted directly on the site of each panel. The interior and even the garden They can be installed wherever there is a flat floor and the electrical socket, without any structural modifications. Given the relatively small size of the infrared can find its place in almost every apartment, family house, fitness center, massage and rehabilitation centers. The basic equipment includes infrared heating element, timer, thermostat, radio, pillows and lighting. To connect to the network is to be socket 220 V and 16A fuse.

Acquisition and operating costs:

The cost of saunas are priced lower than conventional saunas.

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