New infrasauna corner - a model of A3C, H3C and D3C

You will find a new infrainfrasauna Grand De Luxe model A3C, which complement the existing models and B3c CK3C. Infra-A3C is no outdoor lighting. The material used is hemlock type heaters - ceramic. Infra H3C has over infra A3C carbon emitters. Infra-D3C has a carbon emitter, and it‘s made ??of cedar wood. Grand De Luxe Infra-have equipment in the air ionizer.


Infrared saunas Grand De Luxe
Infrared sauna for 1 person
Infrared sauna for 2 people
Infrared sauna for 3 people
Infrared sauna for 4 people and more
Corner Infrared Sauna
steam saunas

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Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2

Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - B2

Hemlock, Power: 1600W, 5 pieces of ceramic infrared heaters, Dimensions: 120x105x190, ionizer, CD

Price: 1 470.00 $
Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D3C

Infrared sauna Grand De Luxe - D3C

Cedr, Power: 2220W, 13 pieces of carbon heaters, Dimensions: 150x60x125x190, ionizer, CD

Price: 2 880.00 $