Virus diseases can prevent a sauna procedures

who has ever visited a sauna, knows that after the completion of one feels like reborn. It has beneficial effects on health and especially preventive works. Regular sauna strengthens the immune system is our body and prevents colds and virus.

     When we visit her frequently, gradually otužíme and our condition will improve. The sauna can walk every healthy person. If we suffer a chronic illness, counsel first with their doctor.

     If we want to really enjoy the sauna, we should follow certain principles. Our body should be fine before sauna procedures. Count should be the fact that the procedure takes about 90 minutes. Not gone into it or go hungry, even with full stomachs. First, take a shower and carefully so dry, we do not increase the humidity in the sauna.

The optimum temperature.

For the purpose of regenerating the temperature of air in potírně between 80 and 100 ° C at a relative humidity of 5%. If we want to check the temperature, then measure at least one meter away from the heat source at a height of 150 cm above the ground and at least 20 cm from the wall. The highest temperature is near the ceiling, which should not exceed 110 ° C and the lowest on the floor - about 40 ° C. Higher temperatures are unsuitable for regeneration.


Duration of stay varies

The period during which continuing down in the sauna is different. It is an individual matter, and each one has to try what is most comfortable and enjoyable. "Different is primarily length of stay in potírně. Most of the talks in length about ten minutes, but some suits shorter. It should be noted that in children there is a sauna overheated very quickly, and thus stay in potírně must be proportionately less . The moment when the potírny we go, we know easily. We begin to sweat heavily.

At least it is cool

After overheating is followed by rapid cooling. His speed is very individual. Slowest effect cold air has a slightly faster cold shower, work quickly jump into the pool with cold water at 8-12 ° C.

For proper regeneration is recommended as the fastest cooling the body, then jump into the pool. It's annoying because it usually leads to a paradoxical sensation of heat. This feeling is very intense irritation caused by the huge number of skin thermoreceptors.

The pool will remain so until we have a good feeling. After a while, but everyone starts to feel cold. Sometimes it even to stinging and freezing it is the best time to finish the procedure.

Warming and cooling is repeated two or three. The larger number is recommended in the regeneration. The effect of heat potírně brushing can further strengthen the body. Sometimes it is called the impact of steam that can be opened by pouring about 100-200 ml of water on hot stove surface. This will lead to a sharp rise in humidity will rise very quickly feel the heat.

At home it is better infrasauna

The cabin prohřívací special infrared emitters are located. Cabin space is usually less than a Finnish sauna. It features low power consumption and fast vyhřátím, which lasts only five to ten minutes. The temperature here ranges from 40 to 60 ° C. Sweating is increased, since the infrared radiation penetrates deep into tissues. It would therefore not be repeated heating and cooling as in the Finnish sauna.

Infra is especially suitable for athletes. However, it also helps with colds and flu, cellulite, reduction of calories and thus lose weight rheumatic problems and many other health problems.

The procedure sauna is a good finish at least 30 minute stay in the lounge. Also massage after the sauna is very nice.

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